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Marmite’s owners taste native advertising – they’ll either love it or hate it.

By | Marketing, Native advertising

Any marketer who is still not sure whether native advertising is just another fad that they can safely ignore, should take a good look the latest major league collaboration between Unilever and social issues promoters, Upworthy.

Unilever are one of those giants who have pretty much written the FMCG marketing bible; so if they think native advertising is an important channel, then the rest of us had better listen. However, the lessons to be learned are not just in the fact that a major consumer brand owner has chosen to go native, but the reasoning and context behind the decision.

Unilever’s new marketing mantra is ‘Crafting Brands for Life’ and seeks to play a major role in overcoming social challenges through the power of brands and technology. Within that strategy, they have launched Project Sunlight with a vision of encouraging ‘a growing community of people who want to make the world a better place for children and future generations’.

Enter Upworthy; a site dedicated to providing a curated platform for social issue content and consistently attracting over 50 million visitors per month, with the average visitor spending an unbelievable 11.44 hours on the content. Read More