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Make sure you’re on the right platform for the native gravy train

By | Native advertising, Technology

It’s hard not to be carried away by the incredible rise of native advertising as the promotional channel of choice. Consumers are rejecting the lure of banner and display ads in droves, with click through rates plummeting and advertisers wondering where to go next.

Those who have already dipped their toe in the native pool, providing content that consumers actually want to read rather than just trying to bludgeon them with a display ad, no matter how good a piece of creative work, have often found that the click-through-rate (ctr) rockets. The US display average is about 0.1% but some publishers are reporting rates even as high as 5%, with typical responses at the 1.5% level.

However, as the native channel captures the attention of the advertisers, so the publishers are starting to realise that native is not a ‘one-size fits all’ advertising solution. As experience grows it is becoming clear that native advertising is not about simply providing content matched closely to the publication values and consumer tastes; it’s effectiveness is also highly influenced by the platform that consumer is using.  Read More