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Native Advertising: How do SMEs join the party?

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Native advertising is set to dominate the content marketing landscape in 2014 as it emerges as a new and exciting way for businesses to revolutionise the way they advertise.

Often involving large brands, agencies and publishers, native advertising is one of the most innovative advertising platforms for 2014 and has the potential to help brands start new and rewarding conversations with many customers through valuable content. According to content marketing agency TAN Media, Native ad campaigns are now more accessible than ever to SMEs and independent business owners.

In this introduction to native advertising, we provide an overview of the practice and discuss what steps SMEs can take to start developing native projects.

So what exactly is native advertising?

There are a variety of definitions of native advertising. One way to describe it is as an evolution of the traditional advertorial that exists as a sub-set of content marketing.

Typically, a piece of native content will be a blog, feature, case study or white paper that is ‘sponsored’ or ‘promoted’ by a company and hosted on the site of a publisher. The content looks and feels like a natural part of its surroundings and is not designed to be an intrusive advert.

Big brands are using publishers like Vanity Fair, The New York Times and Forbes. But as well as the big players, there are a whole host of publishers looking to work with firms of all sizes. Read More