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Native advertising is here to stay

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When Raymond Snoddy OBE says native advertising is here to stay, you can pretty well accept that native advertising is here to stay.

Mr Snoddy has had a long and distinguished career in journalism; most of it at the Times and Sunday Times end rather than the ‘Freddie Starr ate my hamster’ extreme. He has written several books on ethical issues in journalism and publishing and, following the pasting that the BBC received after the Hutton Inquiry into the Iraq war, he was the figurehead behind the Newswatch programme which continues to probe the tackier goings on in the news and media industries.

In other words, Raymond Snoddy is someone who cares about journalism and has been a champion for the independence of editors in holding out against the possible pressures brought by powerful advertisers.

In a recent article in Newsline though, entitled ’Why we can’t afford to screw up native advertising’, he makes the point well that times are changing and that there is no place for the old ‘independence’ zealotry, especially when it doesn’t even exist in the online news media who are taking up an increasing amount of overall readership.  Read More