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Ignore mobile natives at your peril

By | Native advertising, Technology

In 2013 Morgan Stanley, one of the largest global financial services firms and people who know a thing or two about consumer research, predicted that in 2014 more internet activity would take place on mobiles than on desktop computers. The world did not stop turning but, for advertisers, maybe it should have done.

That is an extraordinary forecast given that internet capable smart phones did not even exist until 1999, barely fifteen years ago. Add to that the fact that global penetration for mobiles is now up to a staggering 95% of the 7 billion people in the world, according to Morgan Stanley, and it’s easy to see how the communications market is going to develop. Remember that in not too many years from now all of those phones will be smart phones.

Although these penetration stats are helped by the fact that it’s easier and cheaper in developing countries to leap straight to mobiles networks than evolve from land-lines, that does not change the underlying message. From now on the way to your customer’s heart is more likely to be through their mobile phone than their desktop.  Read More