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How to make sure your native content stands out from the rest

By | Content Marketing, Native advertising

Native advertising is on the rise. Publishers and advertisers alike are embracing it with open arms, putting the consumer experience first. Here’s what 5 experts told Digiday.com about creating native ad content that stands out from the rest.

Lynda Hammes, publisher, Foreign Affairs
Critics of native advertising focus on the clarity and labelling of the native advertising within the context of editorial content. While that’s an important consideration, I think the effectiveness of native advertising actually relies on the substance and quality of the content presented. The scourge of listicle headlines that promise “amazing” things that “you won’t believe” are my least favourite model out there. Whereas, GE’s “Roadshow” campaign in partnership with Slate offered a list post that truly delivered on “13 game-changing innovations for 2013,” that I actually learned something from.

Mike McAvoy, president, The Onion
The ad should be created with the same craftsmanship as the editorial content that surrounds it. So how we approach our native-ad campaigns is to make sure the same creative minds that produce our award-winning content are executing these ideas,

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