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Remember – always take gifts for the natives

By | Native advertising, Technology

The native advertising consumers that is; those people who are increasingly the lifeline that is holding our media world together. While giving things away won’t necessarily stop your sales figures getting scalped, a little goodwill gesture can help you to bond with your readers and hopefully to encourage them to engage.

Because engagement is the real problem; without engagement you can talk until you’re blue in the face and nothing gets heard, you can have the most amazing offer since the beginning of mankind, but if there’s no engagement with the audience then it’s just so much hot air passing over the heads of a disinterested and distracted market.

Anyone who has watched their techno-savvy youngsters managing to watch American food eating contests on the telly, while engrossed in a movie on their tablet which they are simultaneously discussing with their friends via Facebook on their mobile, knows that getting engagement isn’t going to get any easier in the short term. The advertising world, and that includes native advertising, has to realise that the window of opportunity to win the hearts and minds of the people out there has come down to nano-seconds.  Read More