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Twitter beats the drum for native advertising

By | Native advertising, Social Media

Good advertising has always entailed matching the message to the medium; classy photography was always largely wasted on newsprint; radio invented the ubiquitous jingle to overcome the fact that there was nothing to see, and direct mail tended to be a production compromise because most of it went in the bin. It’s all part of the incredible human ability to both adapt to new circumstances and also, to adapt anything we have to our needs. We live in worlds that are constantly changing, both the real world with our development of technologies to meet challenges such as global warming; and in the virtual world where we are moving our window onto that world from our large screen computers to our smart phones.

For an internet company such as Twitter the use of smart phones is quite a major issue; more than 80% of tweets are sent from or viewed on mobile phones. Generating advertising revenue from a small platform that is probably on the move, or being accessed while the owner is also doing half a dozen other things at the same time, is always going to be a challenge. That may be one reason why Twitter’s UK MD, Bruce Daisley, recently said that native advertising is ‘potentially the next saviour of internet business’.  Read More