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Native integrity wins out in robot fraud war

By | Marketing, Native advertising, Technology

It’s a sad truism of the human state that no sooner do we create some amazing advancement of technology then someone comes along and develops an antidote to the benefit. Think computers followed by viruses, think credit card followed by cloning and identity theft; almost anything we’ve ever done has been compromised by the tendency for evil to follow good around like some kind of parasitic pariah.

Take real time bidding and advertising exchanges for example. Within one hundred milliseconds of someone accessing a web page, the system has identified their browsing habits, along with demographic and preference data, put the target up for auction and sold the ad space to an interested party for immediate exposure to that user.

Even if the thought of the real-you being so easily sold on is a little discomforting, you have to admit that the very fact that we can do that, in the mere blink of an eye, is pretty incredible. For the advertiser such targeting pushes up the click-through rate substantially, compared to more random exposure, which in turn has pushed up the pay-per-click rates to reflect the benefit.  Read More