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As well as benefiting from our demand, we also make it easy for you to serve your own direct sold campaigns. We’ll work with you to ensure you can provide industry leading results to your advertisers and can train your team to deliver stunning brand content campaigns. We’ve years of experience working with publishers to improve yields and the performance of your site so will regularly audit inventory to ensure we are maximising returns.

You’ll have access to technical support and account management, the latest thought leadership, and full reporting – monthly, or more frequently if you’d prefer – on revenue, headlines, CTRs, dwell times, engagement rates, social shares, video views and more.

All major design and integration steps are completed in collaboration with you, but not at your expense, and we ensure the brands appearing on your page are right for your audience.

Join the UK’s leading True Native advertising network and access a unique sponsored content marketplace tailored to your needs and your audience.


Native advertising for publishers


As a publisher, you need to deliver engaging, quality content to build and sustain a loyal and trusting audience, all while growing revenue and proving commercial success.

At TAN, we balance those needs, using best-in-class technology to serve native ad campaigns in the same format as your editorial content, providing your readers with a seamless user experience. Users don’t click off site. Instead, they’re served relevant, quality sponsored content on the article pages of your publication, ensuring users stay with you and consume more of your content for longer.

We work with some of the world’s biggest media groups alongside quality independent publishers, including Bauer Media, IDG, Shortlist, Hello!, Vitesse, Trinity Mirror, Time Inc., plus many more, to monetise UK and US inventory with premium sponsored content.

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