Developing content is like preparing for a romantic date; and few dates are more romantic than February 14, St Valentine’s Day.

Audiences today are like the girl who has everything; how do you break through and make that special connection when they are receiving so many earnest betrothals from so many suitors? How do we make our content so special that our message is the one that gets remembered?

Tell a story

Well, it helps if you have a story to tell, a narrative that subtly says between the lines, that you have the same values, that you’re out for more than just a quick sale; a narrative that hints loudly that you want a relationship with that reader, an engagement into the future.

Be Emotive

And it’s not about facts and figures; you don’t woo a girl by talking about the benefits of sharing overheads or the potential of a well-matched gene pool. Romance is emotion and the task is to fuel those emotions; creating pictures that become dreams and becoming a part of each other’s future. A brand needs to woo its audience in just the same way as the ardent lover woos his maiden of choice.

Use your assets

But like the peacock, a dazzling display of what might lie ahead never goes amiss; bringing colour and splendour by weaving your images and show reels into your content; turning head and melting heart until the connection is made and engagement is but a question away.

Sharing is caring

St Valentine, so the story goes, continued to marry young lovers into the Church, against the Roman edicts of the time, and was arrested and condemned. While awaiting execution he befriended and restored the eyesight of his jailer’s blind daughter and, when he was finally led away, she found a note that simply said – from your Valentine.

Now there’s a story to move even the hardest of hearts. It tells of honesty and trust and believing and caring. And there’s something about caring about people; if you care for them they will generally care for you too.

The secret with creating content is always to remember that, while the medium is digital, the audience is, and always will be, human. Be colourful, be flamboyant, but be relevant and current too. Be romantic, be witty but be honest and respectful too.

That’s the way to the heart of an audience.

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