Proving the return on investment of content marketing is an essential but complex part of a marketer’s remit.

Tracking click-through rates, calls to action, dwell time and social shares, as well as the performance of multiple headlines or images against one another, allows us to draw a detailed picture of what a successful campaign looks like.

Understanding these metrics will give you real insight into engagement with your content and will provide you with the data you need to optimise future campaigns.

As well as distributing content for brand awareness, our technology offers the added opportunity to use content as a starting point in the sales funnel, before retargeting with other online channels in the journey to conversion.

Finally, our wrap decks help to visualise your campaign as whole, making it easier to present internally or to your client – contact us to find out more.

Detailed weekly reporting
In-campaign advice on content optimisations
Screenshots of your campaign in situ
Advanced re-targeting capabilities
Post-campaign wrap decks

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