Native Advertising


Native Advertising is advertising that matches the form and function of the website or platform on which it appears.

The best native advertising – whether it be long-form editorial articles or native video – sits within the editorial feed, seamlessly adjusting to the style or format of its environment, for a beautifully intuitive user experience.

By serving sponsored content in this way, we can help you communicate with and engage customers at a receptive time, helping building brand affinity.


Why TAN?


We help advertisers reach and engage their target audience, through content they’ll love in trusted editorial environments.

The digital landscape has never been so crowded – people have more information and less time than ever before, and they’re increasingly discerning about what they consume online. Our unique native formats are the ultimate opt-in advertising, ensuring genuine engagement with your brand content, across our premium publisher network.


Formats built for engagement


Our True Native articles and Click-To-Play video formats are designed to increase brand sentiment, not annoy your potential customers.

Using best-in-class technology, your content will match the type, format and quality of the publisher’s own pages, and will sit in 100% viewable placements, within the flow of editorial.

Our expert team provide end-to-end support for your native campaign, helping you plan, create, distribute and measure. We can help create quality, on-brand content or we can identify and repurpose your existing assets, so you can make the most of what you’ve got.

Once live, we optimise and manage each and every campaign closely, providing you with ongoing data-led recommendations.

Finally, we’ll provide a full campaign wrap deck giving you key insights and learnings, so we can help you plan and execute future campaigns, giving you all the tools you need to prove ROI and refine your content strategy.

That’s why we are The Attention Network.

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